Dr. Pranay Singh Chakotiya

MBBS MS MCH - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon | Hair Transplant Expert

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Dr. Pranay Singh Chakotiya is a Board-Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon.  He has a passion for surgery and acquiring new skills and knowledge.

While Dr. Pranay singh Chakotiya has extensively trained in plastic and reconstructive surgeries, and performed liposuction, breast surgeries, various facial plastic surgeries, and mastered them; he truly excels in hair transplant. Dr. Pranay is an expert in hair restoration for both males and females.

In males, with androgenetic alopecia, he has been doing both FUE and FUT techniques and in higher grade alopecias, his specialty is in combining both thetechniques to be able to deliver superior results. He is able to cover the full head with more than 6000 grafts, where ever required.

He has experience of more than 4000 hair transplant surgeries. He takes meticulous care to give his patients a natural–looking hairline and high-density cover while taking care of the direction and style of your hair.

For any surgery, be it major or minor, patient safety protocols are extremely dear to Dr. Pranay. He maintains a phenomenal 99%+ success rate and has delivered amazing results throughout his career.


  • He is also an active member of Hair Surgeon
  • He is a certified member of the International Society.


  • Dr. Pranay is one of the most respected hair transplant surgeon in the country.
  • He is expert in suggesting the best treatment based on your problems.
  • He is very well versed with both Surgical and Non Surgical Hair Transplantation techniques
  • He believes in the patient satisfaction and offers the best solution for all our hair loss problems.
  • His main motto is to make people happy by offering the best solutions.
  • He is responsible for performing the result oriented hair transplantation surgeries and a very good handling pre and post surgery treatments with utmost care.
  • He who believes that surgeries can be done easily by giving the proper guidance, confidence and emotional strength to the patient.


  • Belonging to the city Gwalior, which is the centre of India, Dr Pranay did his basic medical school from Prestigious medical campus, in Gajra Raja medical college, Gwalior. Dr. Pranay started his surgical journey from the prestigious Gandhi Medical College & HamidiaHospital, Bhopal. He did his senior residency in Plastic Surgery at Dr R M L Hospital & PGIMER, New Delhi and moved to Sawai Man Singh Hospital, Jaipur to pursue a career in Plastic Surgery super-specialty. After completing his training, he has worked asa fellow with renowned plastic surgeons and institutes in India and Abroad.
  • After completing his Super- specialty training at SMS Hospital, Jaipur, India’s busiest hospital, he started his practice. During early years, his work comprised of trauma, reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, breast surgeries, rhinoplasty, face lift, cleft lip repair and hair transplant.
  • Later on, he moved to aesthetic practice only, where he joined a leading chain of cosmetic clinics in India as Senior Consultant, where he excelled in Hair Transplant, Liposculpturing, Breast surgeries, Rhinoplasty and Face Lift.
  • At Present he is leading 4 hair transplant, plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics in india. He is also working as a Assistant Professor, Burn & Plastic Surgery in SN Medical College, Agra.
  • During his training and last ten years of practice, patient care and delivering the best possible outcome in all types of cases has been of foremost importance to him. As a result of his training and experiences, he has inculcated the necessary skills and believes that he has the expertise, motivation and leadership to deliver according to the needs of the patient.