Patients oftentimes come to our doctors at Dr Pranay's Clinic Dermatology to express their concerns about various hair restoration techniques. The majority of the time, patients have these concerns due to the common misconceptions about hair restoration procedures. In the past, hair transplants garnered the reputation of appearing unrealistic and unnatural, as the medical technology available at the time only allowed surgeons to transplant hair in large grafts.

1.Hair transplant is an Unsafe method:

There is no direct link of hair transplant with any part of the eyes, head or brain. Hair restoration is a surgery that only involves the skin of your scalp. If you have any doubt you can have a close look at a hair transplant procedure you will be stun to see that there are five layers of scalp and the doctors only work on first layer of the scalp. So it is better to opt only for an experienced clinics and doctors.

2. Hair transplant is Painful:

Every surgery or transplant is always conducted under local anesthesia. It might cause some discomfort as you may feel a little bit of sensation. The patient can go back to his routine work in a few days after the transplant. There might some redness or irritation which will fade away with the time.

3. Hair transplant is not successful in older people:

Age has nothing to do with hair transplant. People in the age group of 20 to 70 can undergo hair transplant. The best patient would be for hair transplant will be between 30 to 40 years as in this age the growth of hair is stabilized and chances of hair loss is reduced.

4. Hair transplant is not considered for women:

It is wholly a wrong notation that only men can go in for hair transplant. Though the criteria is different in women as compare to men as the pattern of baldness and grafts is totally different.

5. Result of hair transplant is always positive from any clinics or Doctors:

This does not stand true because only an experience doctor and clinic can perform hair transplant surgery without any wrong notations. It will be only wastage of time and money so it is better to look in to a reputed surgeon or clinic before going in for hair transplant. As the chances of infections will be more if transplant is done by an inexperienced doctor.

6. Restored hair fall off:

Many patients have a wrong feeling or feedback that transplanted hair falls off. It is true that the transplanted hair will fall after 2 to 3 weak of implantation but will give a full natural growth in 10 to 12 months depending upon the patient.

7. Re-growth of transplanted Hair:

The hair to be transplanted is taken out from your head itself from the roots. So the hairs do re grow and no one will be able to distinguish between natural hair and transplanted hair. You will be able to go in for any cut or style in a matter of a few months.

8. Medicines to be used after hair transplant:

A wrong myth as no medication is required after hair transplant as it is a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness.

9. Someone else hair can be used for Hair Transplant:

It is an impossible task as no ones hair can be used for hair transplant as your body would simply reject the foreign hair. If you are totally bald then hair transplant would not be a option for you to have hair transplant. You need sufficient donor area.

Condition for Transplant

  • In the cases of advanced androgenetic alopecia which is not improved with the aid of medication
  • Scarring alopecia is stable for a minimum of twelve months
  • Hair loss occurs after trauma, surgery or burn

Why Hair Transplant is Done?

  • Regain the lost confidence.
  • Provide natural looking hair.
  • Get permanent hair.
  • To accomplish the desire to cut and style your hair in the manner you like.

Different Techniques

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)